Carbon XL -Replacement Rod Tip Section

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PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING OR CONTACTING US: This is ONLY for the tip (top) section of the rod.  We are unable to send any other sections of the rod. If you broke any other section, please submit a service request.

  1.  Choose your rod model from the drop down menu
  2. If your Carbon model does not say "XL" - these tips will not fit.  You must submit a Service claim below.
  3.  If your rod model is not listed, or you broke any other section of the rod, please submit a claim with our warranty department and send your rod in to us
    1. USA CUSTOMERS - Service Submission
    2. CANADA CUSTOMERS - Service Submission
  4. Make sure the label print on your rod is an EXACT match - if the printed label on the handle section of your rod is different than the text you select or the graphic that loads here, then you are ordering a tip for a different rod and it will not fit.
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