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This program is for purchases for individual guides and select industry professionals only. If you are making purchases for a lodge operation, please call us a 360-694-2900 or email james@rajeffsports.com. If you are from a Fly Fishing competition team, VISIT THIS PAGE.

Missing anything from the application process may result in your application not being reviewed.

The Rajeff Sports Pro Portal Purchase Program is for guides, those currently employed by Rajeff Sports dealers, and select industry professionals to purchase products at a discount to support their professional endeavors. Verification must be submitted for all applicants without exception. Please submit this application with verification, then submit the account creation (two separate steps). You will hear back from Rajeff Sports typically within one business day if your application was submitted correctly. IMPORTANT: you must submit BOTH the application and account creation. This is two separate steps with two separate submission buttons.

Who qualifies for the Rajeff Sports Pro Program?

Approval for this program is never guaranteed and is approved on a case-by-case basis. In general, the following list of qualifications can get you in to the pro purchase program:

  • Licensed Fly Fishing Guides/Charters: The primary purpose of this program is for licensed fly fishing guides and charter captains to purchase gear for their professional fishing operations.
  • Rajeff Sports Product Dealer Employees: Key employees at shops and retailers selling Rajeff Sports products (Echo, Airflo & Air-Lock).
  • Paid Fly Fishing & Outdoor Industry Professionals: Paid, full time employees of select fly fishing & outdoor industry companies are eligible for our program. This qualification is at the discretion of Rajeff Sports on an individual basis.
  • Fly Fishing & Outdoor Media Professionals: Paid outdoor media professionals may qualify for the program on a case-by-case basis. This includes outdoor writers & industry photographers.
  • Certified Casting Instructors: Certified casting instructors are allowed one purchase on the Pro Portal per year.

What applications are not typically approved?

While there are many very good justifications for qualifying a vast number of application types, we have to stick to our very strict approval guidelines as agreed upon within Rajeff Sports and with our sales rep and dealer network. While we'd love to still be your provider of quality fly fishing products, we are typically not able to grant access to the program to the following:

  • Biologists: We are very, very appreciative of the work done by our fisheries biologists. Unfortunately, as of April 2017, our guidelines do not allow for approval of biologist applications. All biologists approved prior to April 2017 will be granfathered in, able to access their pro accounts until they are due for renewal, at which point their account will expire.
  • Bloggers, social media enthusiasts and podcasters: While we think all of these efforts are very important to the fly fishing world, they do not qualify as a professional position that we can approve for our program.
  • Military discounts: We are unable to extend our professional discount benefits to military personnel that are otherwise unaffiliated with a professional fly fishing/outdoor industry position.
  • Outdoor positions that are unaffiliated with fishing: This is at the discretion of Rajeff Sports since all applications are unique. However, there are outdoor related industry applications that we feel are not a good fit or are not immediately connected to fishing.

    If we're unable to extend benefits to you, we sincerely apologize. If you'd like to discuss your specific situation with us, please email evan@rajeffsports.com

    At Rajeff Sports, we happily support the fly fishing industry through our dealer network and by supporting fishing guides and industry professionals. As a member of our Pro Portal, we ask that you please abide by these guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

  • Please note: It is often a misunderstanding that having access to these purchase programs makes one a member of our official Pro Staff and Ambassador programs. These are very separate programs from our purchase programs, and we ask that you not make public statements about being part of our Pro Staff.
  • Items purchased through the Pro Portal are for your own personal use only. Purchasing for friends, gifts, and for resale are strictly prohibited.
  • If you are a dealer buying stock items, your orders must come directly to us (phone or email) and not through the Pro Portal.
  • New/unused items must be returned to Rajeff Sports for credit/refund (returns are at the discretion of Rajeff Sports) and not re-sold for any reason. Returns after 30 days from initial purchase date can only be returned for credit for use on the Pro Portal website. No returns, refunds, or credits will be issued after 90 days of the original purchase.
  • All Pro Portal ordering must be completed through our online store. Call-in, fax, and email orders are no longer accepted.
  • Your discount privileges are confidential and not to be disclosed to others. Publicly stating your privileges, especially to dealers, will result in termination of Pro Portal membership.
  • Please comply with our verification guidelines when it's time to renew. We must have current verification for all program members. We may contact you or require renewal with updated credentials. The length of time you've been on the program, and your history/relationship with Rajeff Sports does not create any exceptions.

    Please complete creating an account by using the form below. You must both submit the application (above) and create an account (below). Be sure to hit the button for both.

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    For those who applied and haven't heard back:

    There are typically two causes for you to not hear back from us. The most common being that when the application is filled out, the submit button for the application isn't clicked. This is often passed over when filling out the application and creating an account at the same time. You must submit both the application and the account creations with two separate button clicks or the application won't come through. If you think this is a possibility for you, please fill out the application and submit it with documentation. You do not need to create a new account.

    The other most common reason is if you submitted an application with no verification documents attached. Without these documents or an email to us with your documents, your application will not be reviewed.

    We respond to all applications within 1 to 2 business days.


    Reasons for being unable to log in:

  • Invalid login credentials: If you get this error, either your email address or password is incorrect.
  • Your account is not "hooked up." If you get a message saying your account just needs to be hooked up, email evan@rajeffsports.com and let me know so I can look in to it.
  • You have been on our online pro portal before, but it's showing you don't have an account: Create a new acct. below by using the same email address you were previously set up with. This new acct. will merge with your old info and will begin working immediately. This sometimes does not work, and requires you contacting us to remedy.
  • Your Pro Portal access requires renewal. If none of these seem to apply to you, you may need to re-apply via the application form above.

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