Boost Fresh -Replacement Rod Tip Section

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PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING OR CONTACTING US: This is ONLY for the tip (top) section of the rod.  We are unable to send any other sections of the rod. If you broke any other section, please submit a service request.

  1.  Choose your rod model from the drop down menu
  2.  If your rod model is not listed, or you broke any other section of the rod, please submit a claim with our warranty department and send your rod in to us
    1. USA CUSTOMERS - Service Submission
    2. CANADA CUSTOMERS - Service Submission
  3. Make sure the label print on your rod is an EXACT match - if the printed label on the handle section of your rod is different than the text you select or the graphic that loads here, then you are ordering a tip for a different rod and it will not fit.
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